From The Desk Of Alex : Look For The Helpers

March 17, 2020
From The Desk Of Alex : Look For The Helpers

What a wild few weeks it has been. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe. For The Love Of Alex (FTLOA) doesn't exist without you, and we are sending digital hugs your way. Here at our headquarters in Pennsylvania, our small team is all working from home. Veterinary emergencies across the country don't stop for a pandemic, and neither do we.

At uncertain times like this, we like to look to the helpers. It is so comforting to see people helping each other and being kind to animals. Our two most current cases, Orphan and Fireball, involve an animal in desperate need who found a human to help and love them. Their stories are so moving. Orphan, the dog, who was thrown away by his owner, only to find a new life with his loving mom. Fireball, the cat, who almost died next to his litter-mates before a loving woman picked him up and nursed him to health. These helpers inspire me to be a better person, and I hope they will give you hope in these difficult times.

You also inspire me. You would never turn your back on a dog like Orphan or a cat like Fireball. You are a kind person who cares about pets and their people. You are a helper. Thank you.

Call us crazy, but we just took on two new cases. (Keep an eye out for more information on Pup Pup.) It was a tough call. A lot of people are unexpectedly struggling financially due to the implications of this pandemic. While the need for FTLOA has never been more substantial, the risk of not being able to fundraise has never been higher. On top of an already difficult fundraising year, we know that many of our regular donors may freeze donating. We understand that our donors have to take care of their personal wellbeing before they can help animals. (I see you and I want you to be well.) So, at this moment, if you are a person who can afford to donate, your help is needed more than ever.

Please don't push this message aside for later. If you can donate, please do it right now. Consider adding a few dollars to your donation in recognition of the regular donors who can't give right now.

Digital hugs and hope to you.


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