From The Desk Of Alex | Week 38

September 20, 2019
From The Desk Of Alex | Week 38

Happy Friday, Angels! Here is a brief review of our cases this week.

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Asia the dog Georgie the cat Mishu Grace the cat Murray the cat

My favorite thing about this week is the news that Asia's unique knee replacements are in production right now. How cool is that? Asia is one of those cases that I honestly didn't think we were going to be able to do much for, but your love and support made her life-changing surgery possible. Because of you, we will be celebrating her new knees soon! We are just $200 from our goal for Asia's operation, and we are confident we can raise the rest.

Another example of how I should never underestimate you, our generous Angel-Donors, is Georgie, the cat. When we took on Georgie's diagnostic testing, we told his owner that this a slow time for donations and we might not be able to fund Georgie's treatment, if it does prove to be cancer. You have come through in a big way with support for Georgie. Your initial donations area clear indication that you want to help Georgie, so we have agreed to see Georgie through his cancer recovery. THANK YOU!

Mishu Grace has been another sweet cat who faces ongoing treatment. She is doping well today, thanks to your support. We will need continued donations to keep her healthy, but your initial contributions have already made a life-saving impact on Mishu.

Murray has been a tough case for us. We do not support amputation in most cases, but Murray's sudden and urgently declining health caused an immediate need for the surgery. After the hit-and-run she suffered last year, one of her legs never regained function, and it was that leg that was the source of problems. The leg has been amputated, and thankfully Murray has already shown signs of adjusting. In the long run, we believe she may even get around better with the leg removed.

Make an Impact Today

Thank you for caring about these animals and being there for them and their families. We appreciate that you can't always afford to donate, but we love that you give when you can.

Right now, the cases that are most in need of donations are:

  • Murray is in need of $2700 toward her surgery.
  • Charming is in need of $4000 toward his extensive surgery and hospital stay.
  • Asia is just $200 away from her life-changing surgery.

If you are not able to give today, please help by sharing this article with friends.

Your donations genuinely save lives and give low-income families hope. Thank you.

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