Happy Birthday, Wheezy!

January 10, 2020
Wheezy lives to his second birthday

Wheezy is only alive today thanks to amazing donors like YOU! Thank you.

Many people don't realize that the majority of veterinary hospitals will not even see a pet without a deposit first. They are under no obligation to save a dying pet in their lobby if payment cannot be made. Halfway through Wheezy's ordeal, he was rushed to a specializing hospital. When his mom heard the estimate, she was in tears. She called FTLOA and offered to say goodbye to her sweet boy. But, because of donors like you, she didn't have to.

Wheezy the dog sick and in the hospital

Wheezy's Medical History

We detailed Wheezy's long battle over the Christmas season here, but here is a short synopsis: We met Wheezy a year ago when he swallowed part of a tennis ball. Surgery saved his life then, and he was doing well when he managed to swallow a small plastic bag. The average dog likely would have passed the bag, but it got stuck at the sight of Wheezy's previous surgery. He needed to go under the knife again. An unfortunate reality is that complications can always arise with an operation, and a dog with a  history of bowel surgery is at a higher risk. After one of his incisions began to leak, he needed to a specialist. It was a race to save his life. Thankfully after having part of his small intestine removed and being closely monitored at the hospital for several days, he got his Christmas miracle and went home.

Wheezy the dog on his birthday after surgery

A Happy Ending

Since the ordeal, he has been recuperating at home with his loving mom by his side. He still has his cone and a special diet. His movement is limited, so he spends most of the time on the couch, where he finds the energy to kick off his siblings. The veterinary surgeon expects a full recovery.

Celebrating his Birthday

Wheezy recently celebrated his second birthday! His mom said,

"I am so thrilled and beyond blessed that I have the opportunity to celebrate this day. Happy Second Birthday, Wheezy! He is getting a little bit stronger with every passing day, and we couldn't be more blessed to have this little miracle in our lives."

Thank you for caring about Wheezy. Wheezy is thankfully home, but we still need to raise money toward his bills. Donations of any amount are helpful.

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