Happy Meow Year

January 8, 2021
Happy Meow Year

I feel like hugging you through this screen and shouting, "We're alive! We made it through 2020!" It's important to reflect on all the lives you helped to save in 2020 and look toward a new year!

With donations from individuals like you, forty-five families were helped. Cats and dogs received the care they needed and didn't have to say goodbye to their families needlessly.

We ended our 2020 End-of-year Life-saving campaign by raising $15,500! Thank you so much for your support.

Pie Pie the cat's mom sent this message:

"Whether you know it or not, I consider you and everyone who helped Pie Pie and myself go through so much to be part of my family and our warriors!
I will never forget how you were there and helped us through so many times!"

That is the kind of energy I want to step into 2021 with. We are all warriors, speaking up for sick animals and the families who love them. You truly make miracles happen, and I am certain that far more animals will be saved in 2021!

Hugs and hope to you!

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