I.D. Your Pet Day!

June 23, 2021
I.D. Your Pet Day!

For The Love Of Alex is Celebrating I.D. Your Pet Day!

It is sad that too many pets go missing each year and are never returned to their loving families because they had no identification.

More dogs and cats go missing on July 4th than any other day due to the sights and sounds of fireworks.

 Why should you I.D. your pet?

 ·     A cat or dog who wears a personalized ID tag is more likely to be returned home.

·     A properly fitted collar with an I.D tag displaying your name and phone number.

·     An implanted microchip is a great method to ensure that you will be reunited with your lost pet.

·     All veterinarian hospitals, shelters and animal control have scanners to identify your pet.

Beware of Pet I.D. Scams!

Anyone can purchase a microchip scanner, so beware of e-mails that ask you to update your personal information and/or ask for a payment. Check with your pets microchip provider to see if this is a legitimate e-mail.

We know your pets are family to you. We hope this blog helps you keep them safe. 

For The Love Of Alex cares about you and your pet. Please help us fulfill our mission of providing emergency veterinary care for pets from low-income families.

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