June Update: From The Desk Of Alex

June 29, 2020
June Update: From The Desk Of Alex

Dear Friends of Alex,

I have a story to tell you. *Spoiler Alert* It has a happy ending: 

A single mother of three is laid off from her job. Her job search is complicated not once, but twice, when her daughters face major medical hardship and need her to stay home to take care of them. She moves her family in her with her mother to stay afloat. She eventually does find a job that pays much less than the one she lost. A bright spot in the past few years has been the addition of a rescue kitten to their family. After all, any place feels more like home with a cat. The children bonded with the cat, and the mom found relaxing moments of calm, petting, and playing with the sweet kitten.

Suddenly the cat became incredibly ill. The budgeted money for cat food and litter was nowhere what the family needed to get the cat into an emergency veterinary hospital. Panic and guilt set in. They were not approved for care credit. The family stared blankly as the veterinarian suggested euthanizing or surrendering the cat to a shelter.

Because of generous people like you, the kitten was not lost. Nala was saved from what could have been deadly pancreatitis. She returned home to her family to recover. YOU made that miracle happen.

But wait, there's more! You're making so much good work possible. This month we met Cisco Kid, Buddy, Nala, and Zeus. Pup Pup needed help with a setback, and he is doing much better.

Good news came from all over this month too: Bree had her surgery, Nala survived, Jake is home safe, and our friend Wednesday beat FIP. 

We also celebrated 1000 followers on instagram, Best Friend's Day with Miracle, and the always debatable, Hug Your Cat Day. Amazon Smile sent us $204.86 this quarter, from your purchases. And out friends at PetsLoveBest Inc. gave us some great cat enrichment ideas

Even with all of this great news, we are all living through challenging times. You might not have the money to donate right now, and that is absolutely okay. Always take care of yourself, your family, and your pets first. Something that you can do today to help is to share this article with a friend and update your information with Alex here.

There is no For The Love Of Alex without YOU. Please stay safe, celebrate the joys, and try to weather the hard times! Sending hugs and hope to you. 

Much Love,
Alex and friends 

P.S. If you are someone who can afford to make a donation, please donate today. 

P.P.S. If you can't donate today, please help us by following us on instagram and pinterest

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