Late Night Worry

March 6, 2021
Late Night Worry

I can't sleep.

It's been a tough week. That's a picture of my dog, Noodles, commiserating with me over a fallen plant. I thought it was a good picture for how I'm feeling. Last year was really tough, and there was a minute where I thought the organization wasn't going to make it. But we did, and I was so thankful. THANK YOU for every dollar that kept us going! We ran into 2021, taking so many new cases. And even though I almost have too many cases to manage right now, all I hear all day and night is the ding, ding, ding of notifications: "New Application for Finacial Support." There are so many pets in need of help. I try to focus on the good we're able to do, but it's so hard that we don't have enough funding to help everyone. The problem is just so immense.

We also had a tough situation this week. A cat named Beans that we were trying to get through a tough patch passed away unexpectedly. He was the first case that didn't make it this year, and it was a somber reminder of the heartache, so many applicants we can't help are facing.

We tell stories, and we get donations, but we are in a never-ending cycle. Every new case is a new need to fundraise. It's like digging a hole and filling it up over and over. We're a small organization. Tiny. It's just me doing all the fundraising and all the case management. After almost three years here, I am sure of one thing. The only way we can get out of this cycle is to build an army of monthly sustaining donors.

If we can convince just 900 of our followers to donate an average of $22 a month, we can start to get ahead of the cycle. It doesn't seem impossible when you consider that we have 247,774 Facebook followers. We would be able take cases without worrying if we will be able to cover the bills. We can increase the number of cases we take. It would change this whole organization for the better.

If you also can't sleep, and you want to and can help, please set up a monthly donation here.

BUT, and this is a big BUT, I don't want you to ever give if you can't afford to donate. You, your family, and your pets are the most important thing. We are nothing without your support, so don't feel guilty in any way. Every time you are able to donate, it helps, but only if it doesn't create hardship for yourself.

If you want to help but can't commit to a monthly donation, please consider throwing a few dollars Leah's way. Her autoimmune disorder is proving to be very expensive. You can donate to her here.

Thanks for listening. Have a good night, Angels.

Hugs and Hope to You,
Abby and Noodles

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