LET'S PARTY! Alex's 17th Birthday

July 29, 2020
LET'S PARTY! Alex's 17th Birthday

We can all use a reason to party during this crazy year. Our namesake, the beloved Alex, is turning seventeen on August 27. We are taking this opportunity to celebrate starting today.

Who is invited?

We have some very exciting celebrity guests and old friends who are making videos for Alex's big day! We don't want to spoil the surprise, so please check back daily through the 27th to see who has made an appearance.

Where's the Party?

The party is taking place on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and anywhere else you want to share in the celebration! We'll be keeping this page updated with links from our celebrity guests and friends. If you would like to participate, please send us an email.

What Can I Bring? 

Alex is a happy and healthy cat. He has plenty of food and toys, so he is asking for donations to help keep his legacy and mission alive. Please donate whatever you can to help cats and dogs who are less fortunate than Alex.

Please donate your gift here.

Red Carpet

As the celebrities arrive, we will share their videos here: 

A Birthday Wish For Some of Our Animal Friends

For Alex's 17th birthday, some of our facebook friends and work buddies stopped by to party!

What a fabulous reason to celebrate. In these hard times, it's priceless to have Alex guiding our mission and warming our hearts. Please consider making a donation in honor of Alex!

Good Beasley the Celebrity Dog

Good Beasley is our favorite celebrity dog! This handsome star of Agent Cody Barks and his awesome trainer took some time out from their busy schedule to say hello and show off some skills!

Finnian the Cat!

We've had so many amazing guests, and I'm so happy to see Finnian here. This amazing guy is alive today because of you!

White Horse Media Group

The talented crew at White Horse Media Group has been a huge supporter of For The Love Of Alex for a long time. This versatile crew has helped us get the word out through their flagship podcast, a stunning video of Wheezy's Christmas Day reunion, and public events. We're so happy to have them as part of Alex's Birthday celebration!  

Asia the Dog

Asia is one of our happiest of success stories. Asia and her mom wanted to send Alex a Happy Birthday, wish!

Vader The Cat

Our ninth Birthday well-wishers are Vader the Instagram famous cat and his mom! Get to know Vader here: https://www.instagram.com/a_view_from_the_dark_side/

A Magical Birthday Wish for Alex!

Our eighth Birthday well-wisher is Matty Whipple, Master Entertainer! Matty and his cat Oden perform a magic trick just for Alex's Birthday!

Learn more about Matty here.

Wednesday the Cat

Our seventh Birthday well-wishers are instagram's @wednesdaythefipwarrior and her owner. Wednesday has an amazing story to tell.

Teddy SoCal Cat

Our sixth Birthday well-wishers are from @Teddy_Socal_Cat on Instagram. Jennifer was good friends with our founder, Elizabeth, and she has the same commitment to loving her own pets.

Simba the Cat

Our fifth set of Birthday well-wishers are Simba and his mom. Simba's mom put this together to celebrate the help she received through Alex's organization.

Orphan the Dog

Orphan, who now has a loving home, is here to say "Happy Birthday" and "I want cake!"

Salem the Cat

Our friend, Salem stopped by to say Happy Birthday to Alex!

Da Adventures of Franklin and Butters

Our friends at "Da Adventures of Franklin and Butters" sent this sweet Birthday message for Alex!

Rebecca McCrea

Alex's first Birthday wish is from Rebecca McCrea!

Rebecca McCrea and her best friend, Arnie, are here to wish Alex a Happy Birthday!

These two are famous for their epic journey to walk across the USA! After Rebecca finished healing from a successful reconstructed ACL surgery, she saw no better way to celebrate than to walk from Pennsylvania to Burbank. Of course, she took her best friend, Arnie, with her! Their walk supported the Ellen DeGeneres supported charity "Best Friends Animal Society."

The event even landed her and Arnie an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show!

Rebecca is no stranger to hard work! She is an entrepreneur, launching the woman-owned and operated Hickey Bottom Barbecue Company.

Alex and friends are so happy to have Rebecca and Arnie's support!

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