Love, Loss, and Saving Lives with Solar is Freedom

October 23, 2020
Love, Loss, and Saving Lives with Solar is Freedom

This handsome dog is King. What a beautiful name for a beautiful dog. I promise you, this is a story with a happy ending, but it does start with a terrible loss. Sweet King said goodbye to his family on Sunday. King lived a full life and had many friends, particularly at his dad's company, Solar Is Freedom. After King's passing, his dad, Tony Ranieri, wanted to honor him in a meaningful way.

King the dog Solar is Freedom For The Love of Alex

Ensuring King's Legacy

While Tony was thinking about the situation, he saw that For The Love Of Alex couldn't afford to fund all of our applications. So, he reached out and asked to help a cat. Solar is Freedom loves cats and dogs. Currently, they have 13 rescue cats living in their office, and they love to support kittens who are struggling. What an amazing way to give back and honor King.

Meet Meow Meow

Meow Meow the cat at For The Love Of Alex

We introduced Tony to Meow Meow's case, and he felt that saving this sweet kitten would be a great match. Meow Meow, the cat, faces a life-threatening urinary blockage. Meow Meow's mom is disabled and living on a fixed income, so the sudden unexpected cost was too much to take. She was crying on the phone, as she considered euthanasia, but thanks to Tony and King, that is no longer a concern.

cat in cone at veterinarian, meow meow the cat, for the love of alex

Knowing that Tony had pledged the funds, we moved forward with treatment. After several days in the hospital, Mister Meow Meow is home. He is on meds and prescription food and can live a full life.

What an Amazing Gift!

Solar is freedom sponsor of For The love Of Alex Inc

Please, if you can utilize the services of Solar Is Freedom, we encourage you to support them. It's a wonderful gift they've given Meow Meow and his family.

Thank you, Solar is Freedom!

Celebrating King the dog, solar is freedom

Thank you, King! 


If your organization would like to sponsor a pet in need, please reach out to us.

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