Murray: From Hit-and-Run to Stole-Your-Heart

May 14, 2020
Murray: From Hit-and-Run to Stole-Your-Heart

Murray is one of the bravest animals I know. We first met her when she was a desperate stray cat. A car hit her and a woman watching the ordeal saw the driver speed off without taking any responsibility. In the moment it didn't even occur to her to look at the license plate, she just ran to the poor kitten. This wonderful person scooped up the injured cat and rushed her to the vet. The decision was made right then and there that Murray was going to live with her for the rest of her life. That was all the good news Murray heard for a while.

At the local vet Murray was stabilized, but her injuries were far too severe to be treated there. She would need a specialist surgeon. The woman's heart broke. She had just spend her entire savings at the first vet and now more help was needed. She would never be able to afford it.

That is where you come in. She reached out to For The Love Of Alex, where donors like you generously helped pay the veterinary bill. Murray needed treatment for two broken legs, a shattered wrist, and a shattered pelvis. Thankfully there was skilled surgeon in the area. They did the best they could with her injuries, but much of the pelvis was left to heal on it's own because there was just no way to put all the small pieces back together. Murray was doing well post surgery. She got around quickly and with seemingly no pain even with her injuries.

Unfortunately, even with the best possible care, Murray's right hind-leg was never the same. After about a year of trying to regain function the limb began necrosis and Murray started biting and scratching at it, creating a large wound. The long-term neurological and physical effects of a dead limb like this can be traumatic and life-threatening, so the decision was made to amputate the leg. No one ever wants their pet to lose a limb, but in this case it was the best for Murray. She hasn't had any set-backs since and gets along as fast as ever on 3 legs. It's been almost a year since the last surgery and she thriving.

Thank you for loving and caring about Murray. Her bravery and determination, as well as that of her owner, is inspiring to us all.

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