Nala: You Saved Another Life!

June 18, 2020
Nala: You Saved Another Life!

Thanks to your support and donations, we have good news to share about Nala!

Nala's Story

I have a story to tell you. *Spoiler Alert* It has a happy ending: 

A single mother of three is laid off from her job. Her job search is complicated not once, but twice, when her daughters face major medical hardship and need her to stay home to take care of them. She moves her family in her with her mother to stay afloat. She eventually does find a job that pays much less than the one she lost. A bright spot in the past few years has been the addition of a rescue kitten to their family. After all, any place feels more like home with a cat. The children bonded with the cat, and the mom found relaxing moments of calm, petting, and playing with the sweet kitten.

Suddenly the cat became incredibly ill. The budgeted money for cat food and litter was nowhere what the family needed to get the cat into an emergency veterinary hospital. Panic and guilt set in. They were not approved for care credit. The family stared blankly as the veterinarian suggested euthanizing or surrendering the cat to a shelter.

Because of generous people like you, the kitten was not lost. Nala was saved from what could have been deadly pancreatitis. She returned home to her family to recover. YOU made that miracle happen.

Nala's Success

This is what Nala's mom had to say on Great Nonprofits:

"Mere words are not able to express the sheer gratitude that I have towards For The Love Of Alex, Inc. My 1 year old cat became severely sick and she had a fever and was vomiting every 20 minutes and we could not help her get comfortable. Nala would not eat or drink water and laid around the house and was not able to move around by herself. I decided to take her to the animal hospital and after blood work and x-rays it was determined that Nala needed surgery ASAP. I was informed that the surgery would be extremely expensive and I knew that I would not be able to afford it. I applied for Care Credit and was denied and then I considered putting her down and this broke my heart.
The animal hospital staff told me about For The Love Of Alex, Inc and what their mission was and I decided to apply. I was approved within less than 24 hours and a portion of Nala's surgery and recovery was covered by For the Love of Alex. Upon performing surgery, it was discovered that Nala had a severe case of pancreatitis and was extremely constipated. Nala received aggressive post-surgery treatment and care for her condition. I am happy to report that she is recovering extremely well and I owe this miracle to the generosity of For The Love Of Alex, Inc. Had it not been for their care, concern and assistance, Nala may not have made it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!"
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