National Check your Chip Day

August 14, 2019
National Check Your Chip Day

It's a sad fact that pets going missing. That's why National Check Your Chip Day, August 15, is a great reminder for all of us. Even quality pet owners can fall victim to a simple mistake like a gate left open or a dropped leash. We all feel confident that our pets are chipped and we will be able to get them back if they end up at a shelter. But, microchips are not perfect.

Sometimes the chips travel through the body and aren't easily found by the technician at the shelter. Even though technicians know to look for this, sometimes they can be very hard to find. There are also situations where a chip may not be registered to the pet owner anymore. Make a trip to your vet or local clinic to have your pet's chip checked.

Then hug your pets a little bit tighter!

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