National Pet Fire Safety Day

June 23, 2021
National Pet Fire Safety Day is July 15th

National Pet Fire Safety Day is a day to learn how to keep your pet safe in the event there’s a fire.

For many of us, pets are our most precious asset so it makes sense to have a day dedicated to keeping them safe during one of the scariest things we can imagine.


Pets cause over 1,000 house fires each year  

Almost 360,000 house fires occur each year  

Over 40,000 pets are lost to house fires every year

There are thousands of stories of pets saving humans from house fires


Tips for keeping your pet safe:


1.    How to Keep your pet out of trouble:

Blowout unattended candles

Block off access to the kitchen where pets can reach stove knobs

Keep all exposed wires including electrical cords, out of chewing distance


2.    Have a pet rescue plan in place:

Keep a collar on your pet, and leashes and cat carriers are located close to an exit

Have a fire drill, discuss an evacuation plan with your family and designate someone to carry out the pets

Repeat the fire drill yearly


3.    Make rescuers aware of your pets and their favorite hiding places:

Get a free Pet Fire Safety Window Cling at your local volunteer firehouse so that fire fighters will know where to look in case your pet doesn’t make it out with you.

Place multiple stickers on each exterior door and/or windows


4.    Identification:

Make sure that your pets have collars and identification tags in case they escape on their own 

We know your pets are family to you. We hope this blog helps you keep them safe. 


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