Peter The Cat | Spooky Pet Stories

October 9, 2020
Peter The Cat | Spooky Pet Stories

Since October is spooky season, we reached out to our followers and asked for any spooky ghost stories. Nikki W. came through with a story that is equally spooky and heartwarming.

Here is the story of Peter, the cat

Peter was a well-loved, happy house cat. The office was his favorite room in the house because there was a big window where he loved to lay and look into the yard. Peter would have to climb up and across the desk to get to his favorite spot. On the way, he would rub against a touch lamp and leave the light on. In the evenings, his owner, Nikki, would have to turn off the lamp and laugh at Peter for leaving his mark on his favorite spot.

Sadly, Peter developed some serious health problems, and despite his family's best efforts, he passed away. The family was devastated.

A few weeks later, Nikki discovered the desk lamp on again. She asked her boyfriend if he had been in the office, and he said, "no." She checked all of the lamp wiring, and there was no problem. She made sure that all of the lights in the office were off, and she closed the door. The next morning, the light was on again.

When Nikki saw the light, she believed it was Peter telling her that he was okay. After that day, the light never went on again by itself. The family believes that Peter has moved on, but he wanted to say "goodbye" and "I love you" one more time.

Thank you, Nikki, for sharing this amazing story.

If any of our other followers have a spooky pet story to tell, please email us at 

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