Remembering our founder on the anniversary of her passing

February 25, 2021
Remembering our founder on the anniversary of her passing

Elizabeth started For The Love Of Alex all by herself in honor of her best friend, Alex. After he faced a serious veterinary emergency, she realized that many people wouldn't be able to afford emergency veterinary care and would therefore have to say goodbye to their best friends. She understood the importance of companion animals and worked passionately to help low-income families keep their best friends and fur babies alive.

Her heart was so big, that she literally worked up to her last days, trying to save as many animals as she could. We consider Elizabeth with every decision we make, and your donations keep her dream alive.

We are lucky that our old man, Alex, is still with us and he often tells us what Elizabeth would want with his wise eyes and a caring paw. While we know Alex won't be with us forever, he shares secrets with his best friend, Hamilton the kitten. As long as her work lives on, Elizabeth will never truly be gone.

Please say a prayer for Elizabeth, Alex, and Hamilton today. Give your pets a head scratch from us today.

Hugs and hope to you,

Please consider donating in Elizabeth's honor today.

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