Resources and Assistance for Pet Emergencies

June 30, 2020
Resources and Assistance for Pet Emergencies

It would be a wonderful world if no one needed help paying for emergency care for their pets. Unfortunately, there is always a bigger need than even Alex can solve. That’s why we are so happy that other organizations are trying to help cats and dogs too. We can’t do this alone! 

When we are unable to help a specific cat or dog, here are some other valuable resources that can be helpful to any pet owner:

Local Resources 

Rescues: Always reach out to your local shelters and rescue organizations. Some of these organizations have programs to help, even if they don’t advertise them. 

Churches: Occasionally, some churches or religious organizations have provided assistance for pet parents. If you’re a member of a church, give them a call and see if they can help. 

Hospitals: Some veterinary hospitals also have financial assistance programs in place. Call your local hospitals and ask if they have a Good Samaritan fund or payment plan program. 


Common resources for paying unexpected medical and veterinary bills are care credit and scratch pay. While this is usually easy to apply for right at the veterinarian office, please consider applying for a loan or credit card at your local credit union. Most credit unions are open to anyone who lives in a certain area, and interest rates tend to be much lower than care credit. 

Charitable Organizations 

  • is a service that operates similar to gofundme, but is only for pets and pays veterinarians directly. 
  • The Magic Bullet Fund helps cats and dogs with cancer.
  • RedRover helps animals rescued from disasters or neglect, domestic violence victims seeking safety with their pets, and animals with life-threatening illnesses.
  • The Brown Dog Foundation bridges the gap between the cost of medical care and saving the family pet. 
  • Companion Bridge provides a loving and supportive community for people to connect, share, and assist one another on behalf of their companion animals.
  • Frankie’s Friends is a non-profit foundation dedicated to finding cures and saving pets with cancer and other life-threatening conditions.
  • Lucy the Rescue Dog offers financial assistance grants to family-owned pets in need of lifesaving emergency care whose caregivers cannot afford the full cost of treatment.
  • The Onyx & Breezy Foundation provides grants to pet owners. 
  • Paws 4 A Cure is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families that are in need of non-routine veterinary financial assistance for their dog or cat.
  • The Pet Fund provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals in the United States who need veterinary care.
  • DOGS ONLY: The Dandelion Fund through Danny & Ron’s Rescue
  • DOGS ONLY: The Mosby Foundation helps dogs with critical care and cancer treatment. 
  • COLORADO ONLY: Harley’s Hope Foundation ensures that low-income pet parents and their companion or service animals remain together when issues arise.

My Pet Child can help you find veterinary resources and pet food donations in your local area.

If you have any additional resources to help cats and dogs in need, please email them to 

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can be another helpful tool for pet emergencies, though you would ideally want to research before an emergency occurs. We don't have much experience with pet insurance at For The Love Of Alex, but here are some useful tips about pet insurance from lendedu.

We truly wish you and your pet the best of luck. 

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