Ryder lives to love another day

January 14, 2021
Ryder Lives To Love Another Day

Ryder, the Pennsylvania dog, was in a life or death situation

Sweet Ryder was close to death when we first met her. Her mom had been nursing her through days of vomiting and dehydration. She spent all of her money to get Ryder inconclusive x-rays and treatment of her symptoms from her regular vet. A follow-up trip to the emergency veterinarian also wasn't conclusive. Again, Ryder's symptoms were treated and she seemed to be feeling better for a day or two, when she had a violent relapse.

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Ryder the dog waiting to see the veterinarian at two different vet offices

As a person suffering from unemployment during the pandemic, Ryder's mom was out of funds to get Ryder more treatment. She was facing the untimely death of her sweet two-year-old dog or surrendering her to a shelter. Because of For The Love Of Alex donors, Ryder's mom didn't have to make that choice.

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Ryder the dog at the vet

We helped match Ryder's mom with a hospital that we had already used and trust. Thankfully, PETS Lancaster Pet Emergency, finally gave Ryder the care she deserved. They conducted an ultrasound and discovered an incredibly tiny blockage in her small intestine. This blockage was missed on previous x-rays, but thanks to the ultrasound, the veterinarian was able to make a game plan for surgery.

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After emergency surgery to remove the blockage, Ryder was able to go home to recuperate with her mom in her loving home.

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A testimonial from Ryder's owner

"For The Love Of Alex saved my best friend. There's not a single person that knows me and doesn't know of Ryder my sweet 2-year-old English Bulldog. She's literally my whole world. I had just used all my savings to get myself away from a bad relationship and into my own home. I was not prepared for the vet bills we acquired. I am also a hairdresser and was out of work for months due to COVID-19. My dog was throwing up nonstop and I took her to not one but two separate vets until FTLOA stepped in and got us to a great vet that discovered Ryder had a blockage in her small intestine. They covered her medical costs and allowed me to save this beautiful pup. I truly don't have words to describe what this did for my life. Im beyond grateful they helped us!!!!! I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for their generosity. Thank you . I can continue to have this sweet angel in my life ❤️"

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Sweet Ryder is home with his mom

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