Sassy A Love Story

February 12, 2021
Sassy The Cat, A Love Story

Sassy, the sweet kitty, is a wonderful illustration of how pets truly do save their people.

Sassy's owner had this to say about her bond with Sassy and her appreciation of For The Love Of Alex:

“I love For The Love Of Alex. When I was severely injured, my kitten Sassy ate plastic. I was in traction with my leg at the time and unable to work. I used every last credit card I had to save her, but it still wasn't enough. After the vets had spent my last dime...
They offered to kill her. Mortified and already broken...I found this 501(c)3. They helped save her and by saving her...they saved me too. Now I donate to them and pay it forward since I am back to work.  This is Sassafras. She is my everything.

Sassy the kitten

They brought her to me when she was a baby....bottle baby. I was not able to walk, her bottles and heating pad stayed by my side. Like a kitten triage.
I had almost given up. With the pain and walking again. But the more active she became I forced myself to chase her. Every single step hurt, but having her gave me the strength to get going. Her food...her litter...her safety. Really: Saving her saved me.”

Sassy's story is that of pure human-pet connection and the perfect illustration of how you save far more than animals when you donate to For The Love Of Alex.

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