Setting up reoccurring donations.

April 24, 2019
How to set up reoccurring donations.

Setting up reoccurring donation with PayPal easy.

1.) Click on our "Donate Today" button.

2.) Choose the donation amount you would like to make monthly.

3.) Check the "Make this a monthly donation".

PayPal Checkout Window

4.) PayPal will ask you to then set up an account or log in with your already established PayPal account.

You are good to go! That was easy!


Remember your donations are making a difference!

$25 brings hope to pet owners who can’t even get their pet in front of a veterinarian without a deposit.

$50 will help purchase a prescription refill.

$100 helps pay for diagnostic bloodwork.

$150 will cover the cost of an emergency veterinary hospital visit.

$200 will pay for diagnostic x-rays

$500 will cover the cost of a diagnostic ultrasound

$1000 will go a long way towards an emergency surgery

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