Squeekers : #GivingTuesday Reason to Give

November 15, 2019
Squeekers : #GivingTuesday Reason to Give

Making the decision to donate your hard-earned money is a personal one. You want to support an organization with a mission you believe in, people you can trust, and results you can see. We cannot thank you enough, for each dollar you choose to donate to For The Love Of Alex (FTLOA). More than donors, you are Angels. Every animal who is saved is only saved because of your support. Here is the story of one Angel-Donor and why she chose FTLOA:

"I want to share the story of my little guy, Squeekers.  I found Squeekers and his litter mate/brother, Spooky, at our trailer park a week before Halloween, in 2005. I saw a black object in the leaves across the park and when it didn't move for over an hour, I put down my rake and went over to investigate. There were two tiny black kittens, sitting huddled against each other, looking up at me. I reached down to pick them up and Squeekers just watched me, and let me scoop him up. His brother took off, scampering under a nearby trailer...[but] my ex was able to scoop him up too. As soon as they were together again, they were fine. We searched for a mother cat, but didn't find her anywhere in the park. Not wanting to leave them alone in a closed down park, we decided to take them home.

Squeekers had issues right from the start.  Turns out he had a damaged penis, with scar tissue on it, and it made urinating pretty difficult.  The vet said they were 5 weeks old, and would have likely died if we hadn't taken them in. Right from the start, they had vet care...we had 2 other cats at home already so we wanted to make sure everyone would stay healthy.  To help Squeekers heal, I would poultice him twice per day, to keep the inflammation down, and he was put on antibiotic cream to help the healing. And he did heal...he had no further issues until he was a year old. That's when he developed crystals.  Due to his previous problems, it soon became impossible to catheterize him, and we were told he'd need surgery to be able to pee again.  But the vet admitted that the surgery was a little beyond her skill, she could only give him a 50% chance he'd survive, and only another 50% that the surgery would work at all. But as he sat on my lap, looking up at me with such trust, while I knew his bladder was filling up drop by drop with no way to expel it, it broke my heart.

We were very lucky...we had the cash necessary to have the surgery done. So when we took him to a highly recommended animal hospital in another city that the Doctor told us could fix him, and yes, he'd be fine, it wasn't a question.  

She did the surgery, removed his penis, opened up his urethra wider so he could pass the crystals, and he stayed as a patient for 7 days. 24 hour staffed, on pain medication that continued after he came home via a patch that he wore for another 10 days, and safely in a large crate so he wouldn't hurt himself at home, he healed.  The first time he headed into the box and I heard the 'gush' of him urinating, I got tears in my eyes. He's never grown beyond that one year size, so he's my little half sized dude. Small little face, tail that's about 7 inches long, he's now 14 years old. White whiskers are starting to appear, and his black coat has white strands in it now, but he's still my baby and I love him to death!

Sadly, his brother Spooky had something develop suddenly in 2012, and he passed away due to my ex being in ill health himself and not being able to afford medical care for him. As I wasn't working much at the time, and lived in another country, I wasn't able to send my ex any funds to help, and I was devastated when Spooky died, a few days after becoming ill. When I found 'For The Love of Alex' online, and I was in a better place financially, I began to donate when I could to help others who were in that situation.  

Knowing how lucky I was to be able to save Squeekers, and how broken it made me to see Spooky pass away, I was delighted to help with such an incredible organization.  I had always wanted to do something to help people in that situation, and this allows me to pay it forward; no one should have to say goodbye to a loved pet because of lack of money.  

Every day when I kiss Squeekers little face, it reminds me that there are people out there that have had to lose one of their furbabies due to lack of funds, and to me, that is unacceptable. Bless you all at 'For The Love of Alex', for saving people from that heartbreak, one animal at a time! ❤"

- Kim J., Lakewood WI

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