Super Dude!

February 25, 2021
Super Dude

Our friend, The Dude, recently had surgery to remove a dangerous tumor. Today he is doing well, because of donors like you! When we told you about The Dude's elderly owner's trouble with covering the cost of expensive surgery, donors like you stepped up.

You can see he is wearing a cape and looks like a Super Dude! The cape is to keep him from scratching at his stitches. He's also wearing his cone, but the cape is more effective. Overall, the doctor thinks the surgery went well and The Dude is healing nicely.

The Dude's mom cannot thank you enough! She said:

First of all, Thank you for the compassion and kindness shown toward my best buddy, The Dude. Your grants were given quickly and due to that The Dude has the best survival rate possible.
Secondly, my heart is filled with extreme gratitude for [the veterinarian who performed the surgery.] When I found out that she would be the vet performing The Dude’s surgery, it was like a huge weight was lifted off of me.  As noted in the biopsy, the mass that [was] removed (without rupturing the capsule and tedious removal off all foreign matter attached to The Dude’s muscle/tissue) was a malignant fibrosarcoma. It is believe to be a FISS brought on by the FeLV (double dose) administered in October and November of 2020. [The vet] stated that she felt that The Dude does NOT have to proceed with chemo or radiation at this time. We have a plan for now for me to do daily checks for any lumps or bumps when I’m petting him. This ensures that we catch any possible reoccurrence as quickly as possible.

Your donations truly have the power to save lives!

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