Thank You For Caring

December 10, 2019
Thank you for caring - Giving Tuesday Results

We cannot begin to tell you how much YOU MATTER.

Your impact goes far beyond a single sick cat or dog. Your support brings hope and comfort to entire families who stand in shock in veterinary emergency rooms. They are given the choice of surrendering their pets or putting them to sleep. YOU give them a third option. YOU show them that people care and that they are not alone. Thank you.  

Take a moment to reflect on the year and the animals and people you've helped. Celebrate the good you've been a part of at For The Love Of Alex. So many animals are alive today because of Alex's Angels. Burrito Kitty, Tiny Tim, and Apache Princess are just a few examples of your amazing good. Donations make the biggest impact, still every share and a thoughtful message also means a lot to these families.

We know you've received several Giving Tuesday messages, and we hope you aren't getting annoyed with us. In the end, we raised about 30% of our $30 thousand goal. While we wish it could have been more, we know that there is a lot of competition on Giving Tuesday, and we are thankful for everyone who donated and helped spread the word.

For The Love Of Alex is a small nonprofit. We exist to connect you with pets and families in need of your support. Without you, there are no success stories.

Thank you for caring.

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