Tiny Tim Success Story

October 25, 2019
Tiny Tim Success Story

Tiny Tim's family was losing hope and in desperate need when you held out your hand in support of their small family and this small kitten.

Timothy's mom says: 

"We got a new kitten from the Humane Society. Everything was good for the first few weeks, but then he started becoming unable to go to the bathroom, and when he was able it was painful for him. We took him to the veterinarian, and his bladder was enlarged, so he had x-rays and there were no stones. When passing the catheter, the vet thought he might have growths in his urethra and recommended that we either put him down or take him to MedVet. After an initial diagnosis of colitis...they sent him home. In two days we had to bring him back. He was swelling so bad. Turns out he had divots in his urethra, and an extra pouch for more urine on his bladder. A urethral tear, many tests and a week-long hospital stay later, my total bills equaled almost half of my annual income. My care credit is maxed out with all the tests and they expect you to pay to take your pet home. Without help from For The Love of Alex, we would not be able to take our kitten home. Even after paying 8k for him. I didn't have the rest of the bill. Thank you for helping us save my daughter's little kitten."

Tiny Tim the black cat heading home

Thank you for caring.

Donations toward the remaining balance of Timothy's vet bill can be made here.

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