Turning Despair Into Hope: Finnian the Cat

July 13, 2020
Turning Despair Into Hope: Finnian the Cat

You should be able to meet the pets you help in person. You should scratch their heads and rub their bellies and see the love in their eyes. But I know your heart is big enough that you can feel the love even from states away. Your unique brand of kindness is what makes saving pet lives possible. Today I want to tell you the story of one cat who is alive today because of you. Maybe that will be almost as good as meeting him.

I remember when I first met Finninan and his mom. It was such a hard story to follow. Finnian had been to multiple veterinarians and had tests done. His symptoms were dismissed as just a bug, and he was sent home only to have another set-back. His owner was out of money and almost out of hope.

During one of her calls to me, Finnian's mom was told by a veterinarian that he was blind and paralyzed. There was a moment that humane euthanasia seemed like the only option. But, in the time we considered this, Finnian's symptoms changed. It was the strangest case we'd seen.

We put everything we had behind Finnian. He was taken to a specializing hospital, and we did not want him to leave until he had a diagnosis. For a few days, we had constant calls from doctors. "This test came back negative. I think it's this, but I'll know for sure when we get these results." The next day they'd say, "Okay, so I was wrong the test show it's not that, I'll try a few more things..."

There were moments of hopelessness and despair during that time. I remember Finn's mom thanking us and also wondering if she was doing the right thing. I remember worrying that no matter what we learned, he was not going to make it. Every time the phone rang with more results, I worried that the veterinarian would tell me Finn had passed away.

Then the sun found it's way from behind the clouds and we received a diagnosis. Finnian was suffering from the incredibly rare, Cryptococcosis fungal disease. It was discovered just in time. In a few more days, the disease would have spread to Finn's airways and suffocated him. It was one of the most relieving feelings I've ever experienced. Finn was going to be okay.

Finnian is alive today because people like you care enough to donate. I may take the calls, but you are the Angels who make it all possible. Every dollar, like, share, and positive reference plays a part in saving a life.

Thank you for saving Finnian.

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