Valentine's Day Pet Stories

February 12, 2021
Valentine's Day Pet Stories

What a lovely day to celebrate the love of a pet. Our pets give us unconditional love and companionship every day and all they ask in return is for a few head scratches and belly rubs. Below are a few incredibly moving tales of the human-pet connection.

But, I first want to give you a quick update. Today is not JUST Valentine's Day, it's also the start of Random Acts Of Kindness week. Please be kind and spread the word about For The Love Of Alex to friends and family.

We are thrilled to report that The Dude is doing great after surgery. Sammie's second surgery is being pushed back to next month, due to some pandemic related issues, but he's on track to make a full recovery. Angel had a setback, but is doing well thanks to her prescriptions and the love of her mama. Odyssey, Lily, and Zoey are our newest cases, in need of some positive thoughts from you.

Look at these amazing love stories:

Sassy the Cat


Sassy's journey with her owner brought them both back from the brink of death. More often than not, you are not saving a cat or a dog, you are saving a whole family with your donations. Read more

Ryder the puppy (2)


Ryder, the Pennsylvania pup, was facing certain death after two veterinarians took her owner's money and gave no answer to her symptoms. Thanks to donors like you, Ryder went to a trusted hospital and received life-saving surgery. Read more

king the dog


This sweet pup inspired great love and respect from his owner and everyone he met. When he passed away his owner's company sponsored the medical treatment of another pet in his honor. Read more

Elizabeth and Alex


The bond between Alex and his owner, Elizabeth, was so strong that it spawned this entire organization.  Read more

Thanks again for being here. There is no For The Love Of Alex without YOU.

Please stay safe and give your pets a kiss from us.

Hugs and hope to you,
Alex and friends

P.S. If you are someone who can afford to make a donation right now, please donate today.

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