Vote for a Pet that you Helped Save this Year!

November 18, 2021
Vote for a Pet that you Helped Save this Year!

We are going to have some holiday fun. ‘Tis the season for giving’ and we are in a giving mood. For just $5.00 you can vote for one of the pets you helped save this year and the pet with the most votes will receive a gift card for pet supplies. We will announce the winner December 21st!

You can vote for one pet or multiple pets.

Click on the pet you want to vote for.

1 Vote = A $5 donation 10 Votes = A $50 Donation
20 Votes =  A $100 Donation

Ethan the kitten
Ethan the stray kitten was found in a parking lot with huge gash to his leg by an Angel in disguise. If Ethan hadn't been rescued that day he would have died from infection.
Feather the 3 legged kitty cat
Feather was an abused kitten, her leg was completely shattered and had to be amputated. Feather found her forever home, however recently she became extremely sick and needed surgery to remove painful bladder stones.
Tiny Tini the pup
Tiny Tini needed dental surgery to remove a broken tooth that had abscessed and was causing her pain. Tiny needed oral surgery asap.
Peru the licensed therapy cat
Peru the licensed therapy who brings joy to residents at a local nursing home was diagnosed with Ceruminous gland adenocarcinoma in her right ear that caused her to stubble and fall.
Handsome GG the kitty
GG is an emotional support pet to his elderly family, so when GG stopped eating, they knew something was wrong. GG had such bad periodontal disease that he need an extensive oral cleaning and extractions.
Sweet Dolly the dog
Dolly and her big brother Duke were playing outside and she landed on her back leg terribly wrong, resulting in a spiral break that needed surgery.
Murray the 3 legged siamese kitty
Murray was a victim of a hit and run, her back legs and pelvis were completely shattered. One of her legs had to be amputated. Due to the extent of her injuries Murray recently became very sick, she had an intestinal blockage and needed surgery.
Tiny Nubbins the kitten
Tiny Nubbins accidentally got trapped under her disabled moms wheelchair and was paralyzed. Nubbins was lucky, nothing was broken just a small fracture in a growth plate, and with medications for pain and inflammation she was able to walk again.
Mr. Miyagi the karate cat
Mr. Miyagi suffered from a debilitating oral disease Stomatitis. Mr. Miyagi had the majority of his teeth removed and is being treated with a prescription mouthwash to control his condition.
Kilo the kitty cat
Kilo had a urinary obstruction and needed P.U surgery to widen his urethra. Kilo's recovery hasn't been easy, he has been plagued with UTI's and digestive issues.
Sweet Sylvia the pup
Sylvia went from acting normal to within a 48hr period expressing inexplicable pain on her rib cage to complete paralysis. Sylvia needed surgery to repair a burst disc in her back and stop internal bleeding.
Beautiful Sasha the kitty
Sasha is highly allergic to regular cat food, it causes her to loose weight, become extremely itchy where she pulls out her beautiful fur. Sasha needed a special hypoallergenic diet that is very expensive.
Tiny Andy the kitten
Andy was abandoned and abused, he was left on a door step covered in foam insulation that had ate away at his fur and caused burns over his body. His tail was so badly burned he had to have it amputated.
Sweet Ruby the pup
Ruby jumped off the stairs and landed badly, she had fractured her femur bone and was in a lot of pain, she needed surgery to repair her broken bone.
Beautiful Zoey the kitty cat
Zoey was diagnosed with Idiopathic Megacolon that causes digestive issues that progressively gets worse with age. Zoey was unable to eat regular food and the prescription diet she needed is very expensive.
Sweetheart Stony the kitten
Stony was diagnosed with a Diaphramic hernia, that pushed her abdominal organs into her chest cavity and caused labored breathing and digestive issues.
Snickers the kitty cat
Snickers needed 2 cancerous tumors removed, the veterinarian was confident that removing the tumors would give Snickers many more years to come.
Ryder the pup
Ryder was sick, she wasn't eating for days and vomiting uncontrollably, x-rays showed that she had an intestinal blockage and needed surgery immediately.
The Dude Cat
The Dude cat needed surgery to remove a tumor that grew rapidly over a month. the biopsy showed that the tumor was a malignant fibrosarcoma caused by a vaccine reaction.
Cute Gillie the pup
Gillie needed a painful kidney stone removed that was obstructing her urinary tract. The stone was too large to pass and her quality of life would have been compromised without surgery.
Beautiful Lily the kitty
Lily was diagnosed with painful bladder stones. Lily was treated with medications to dissolve the stones, but it didn't work and Lily needed surgery asap.
Sweet Sammie the kitty
Sammie was suffering from painful, polyps in his ear canal and nasal cavities that caused him breathing problems and eye pressure. Sammie needed two invasive surgeries to remove the polyps.
Keiichi the pup
Keiichi had been deemed "un-adoptable" due to behavioral issues, however with the patience and love of his forever family he become a beloved member of the family. While playing with his brothers, Keiichi dislocated his hip and needed a specialist to put it back in place.
Handsome Mokey the cat
Mokey was having trouble urinating and was diagnosed with a blockage. With medication and a special diet he was able to avoid surgery.
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