We need to talk

May 12, 2020
We need to talk

I know most of you can't donate right now. If there is one thing I truly believe, it's that you need to put your life jacket on first before you can help anyone else. I take no pride in accepting someone's last $5 and having them not be able to afford something they need later. So, take care of yourself, your family, and your pets first. Always.

We're still going to ask for donations. Our nonprofit needs donations to function and we have to work hard to reach the people who can still give. Please don't tune us out if you can't give right now. Share our posts. Talk about our mission. Comment with positive affirmations. When you can donate again, I know you will. Until then, help us reach the people who will keep us afloat until this crisis is under control.

We are experiencing the same kind of financial strain all nonprofits are right now. We didn't make our Giving Tuesday goal. We didn't even get close, but we are so thankful for the influx of donations we did get. All in all, we should be able to cover one major surgery, or two hospital stays with all of the donations, and that is something. THANK YOU for caring enough to give what you could, or sharing when you couldn't give. ‍

You make so much good possible. Recently we've celebrated successes for some old and new cases including Frank, Penelope, Strikes and Rue, and Pup Pup. Please stick with us. Together if we celebrate success, and share stories of pets in need we can make a difference. ‍

Let's stick together through this storm and have each other when things start to get better. There is no For The Love Of Alex without you.

Hugs and hope to you,
Alex 🐾  and friends


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