World Pet Memorial Day

June 7, 2019
World Pet Memorial Day

World Pet Memorial Day is on Tuesday, June 11. The American Veterinary Medical Association created this day. It's a day to memorialize your pets that have passed away.

This day is so important to us at FTLOA because we understand that pets are truly part of the family. We know that the death of a pet can bring as much immense grief as losing a human family member. Sadly, not everyone sees it that way, and it can be hard for a grieving pet owner to get the emotional support they need. Today we encourage everyone to offer support to friends who may have suffered a loss. And we encourage those who have lost a beloved companion animal to remember your dear friend and to let yourself grieve.

The death of a pet is a terrible loss. The small team here at FTLOA is honored to be able to connect sick animals with amazing donors like you. The goal is always to save a life. But, some cases are just too far gone by the time they get to FTLOA, and the animal doesn't make it. Other times, an animal we've helped in the past unexpectedly passes. One thing we try to do to take some small stress off of the family is to cover the final expenses and allow the remains to be returned to the pet owner. This is an important part of the grieving process. But it's only possible with donations from amazing donors like you.

Today, as you remember the pets you've loved over the years, please consider donating to help a family going through a difficult time.

Much love to you,

Alex and friends

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