You Know Your Pet

June 17, 2019
Trust Your Gut

Pet parents, listen to your gut.

When Maui's mom was at the emergency veterinarian on a Thursday night, the doctor wanted to do surgery immediately. He insisted that Maui had a blockage and needed surgery to move it. Maui's mom knew that didn't sound right. Another concerning part of the exchange was that the veterinarian wasn’t concerned about Maui’s medical history and didn’t want to discuss it with the surgeon who performed Maui’s life-saving surgery last year. (Maui was helped with a rare birth defect that cases countless vascular abnormalities last year.)

Hearing all this, we agreed that Maui should’t go under the knife at that hospital. Instead Maui’s mom took him to the specialty hospital that helped with his birth defect last year.

When she got the hospital the original thought was that Maui did have a blockage. This vet went as far as to believe that it was a foreign object, which shocked Maui's mom, who diligently monitors him. To be certain, this vet did say that Maui needed an ultrasound to be sure. Sometimes we complain that veterinary medicine is so expensive, and a lot of that cost is because of technology. Today I say, "Thank goodness for technology." Because the ultrasound proved that there was no foreign object and no obstruction. Just like Maui's mom believed.

If not for Maui's mom insisting on a second opinion, Maui would have had dangerous and expensive surgery to remove a blockage that wasn't there!

Maui did have an extreme case of gastroenteritis, with an incredibly inflamed bladder. Maui was treated with medication, fluids, and a restricted diet. Because the gastroenteritis was so intense, he was severally dehydrated, so he needed to stay overnight in the hospital for monitoring. But no surgery! All because Maui’s mom knows him so well.

Thank you for your prayers and donations.

His hospital stay was expensive, so please make a donation if you can.

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