You Make a Difference

July 2, 2019
You Make a Difference

In the day-to-day business of saving animals, it can be hard to lose sight of the big picture. Your support of For The Love Of Alex certainly saves the lives of individual animals. But, your support goes much farther than each animal. You are helping all the humans who love that animal, avoiding strain on the local shelter, and spreading goodwill.

This short video sums up the amazing work you are doing.  

You are saving the lives of innocent cats and dogs.
These animals are never at fault for their situation. You can give them a second chance. 

You are keeping sick pets out of shelters. 
Sadly, in many cases, when a pet's medical condition gets too expensive the owners have no choice but to surrender the pet to a shelter. In this case, shelters must either raise the money to get the animal help or euthanize the pet. 

You are keeping families together.
Cats and dogs are real family members. They are so much more than pets. 

You are a generous and compassionate world-changer. 
Every animal you help brings joy to the people who love them. Every donation you make restores a struggling pet owner's faith in humanity. You are impacting change that ripples around the world. 

Thank you for caring. If you can, please donate today to add to your impact

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