You Can Make Miracles Happen With Your End Of Year Donation

December 6, 2021
Make Miracles Happen Today!

Wow, we have almost made it through another year in a Pandemic, and like many charities it's been rough. We have lost so many of our loyal supporters due to loss of job/income and we have received a record number of applications from desperate families seeking financial help for their beloved pets medical emergencies.

These responsible families are torn between providing a roof over their family's head and putting food on the table versus euthanizing/surrendering their fur baby to a shelter because of financial hardship. This is TRAGIC! 😥 We are these pets and their loving families last hope.

Throughout the year we bring to you very much loved pets that are sick, and because of your compassion and love for all creatures great and small, you are kind enough to give them a second chance. Thank you so much for caring. 

We have just 24 days left in 2021, which means we have only 24 more days to reach Alex's End of Year goal of $52,000. It's a BIG GOAL, but we believe we can do it! Could you imagine how many more pets lives we could save? 

The average cost for a cat case is $2,500 and a dog case is $4,000. Raising $52,000 would mean we could help 20+ more cats or 13+ more dogs next year. That would be incredible!!!!!

Your donation today will make it possible to save lives tomorrow. Remember all donations are tax deductible. 


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