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Who We Are

For the Love of Alex Inc. is a small 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our tiny staff handles the administrative duties, application review, and communicates with owners and veterinarians to save the lives of pets from low-income families. But, YOU are also a huge part of our organization. The funding that is able to support these pets comes directly from generous and compassionate people like you. We bring the pets to you, and YOU do the magic.

Thank you.

Below is a little bit about our tiny staff. We are animal lovers like you. Thank you for making it possible for us to work with amazing pets and their families.

Elizabeth Hedges


Elizabeth Hedges was our amazing founder. In 2013 she founded For the Love of Alex Inc. (FTLOA) after she had a scary situation with her cat, Alex. It made her realize that here must be many people who cannot afford life-saving care for their pets, and she couldn’t let that happen. With a donation from her own bank account of $80,000, she started FTLOA and got to work. (The Board of Directors did eventually insist that she pay herself back in 2016—that’s who Elizabeth was—generous and kind to a fault.)

Sadly, Elizabeth passed away in February of 2018 at 60 years old. FTLOA was her passion and she continued working up until her illness made it impossible. She was stunningly beautiful and a former ballerina. She worked hard, maintaining a full-time job while still doing amazing work for FTLOA. The small staff at FTLOA keeps her close to our hearts and thinks about her often as we fulfill her mission of helping pets in need.

Alex sitting in for Elizabeth Hedges

Norma Fetherman


Norma is a true animal lover who has taken ownership of Alex and Tyler who once belonged to Elizabeth. She received the call to help FTLOA when Elizabeth was very sick and the organization looked as if it was going to dissolve. It was a FTLOA Board member who called and asked for help with Elizabeth’s cats as well as all help with the details of dissolving the operation. As an amazing and driven woman who comes from a background in corporate finance and strategic planning, Norma took on the responsibility of FTLOA as a labor of love, when she was supposed to be enjoying her retirement. But, she hasn’t looked back. Everyone who knows her well, knows this is a perfect fit for her.

Norma and her husband have four cats – Alex, Buddy Holly, Maverick and Tyler and a rescue Bichon Frise/Poodle/Corgi? Mix named Chuck. They also have three grown children and five grandchildren. Everyone in her family is an animal rescuer and between her children she has 6 granddogs and 6 grandcats! When she’s not working at FTLOA and trying to keep Alex off the computer keyboard, she can be found on a golf course, in her garden or curled up with a good book or movie. She loves to host dinner parties where she can enjoy stimulating conversations with good friends!

She has two favorite quotes:

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” Samuel Johnson

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Norma Fetherman sitting at desk

Abby Showalter

Program Manager

Abby joined FTLOA soon after Norma took over and saw that there was a need for someone to handle social media and marketing. Abby comes from a background working in marketing for ten years. Community relations and fundraising have always been a passion for Abby, who has worked for not-for-profit organizations for most of her career. Helping animals has always been a dream of Abby’s and she is thrilled to get to do it every day with FTLOA.

Abby and her husband have three dogs, lovingly named Butters, Noodles, and Jelly. Besides their nutty pack of dogs, they have their hands full with a rambunctious young daughter who can spot a dog a mile away and immediately asks to go see it. This is a skill most children reserve for the ice cream truck, but she is her mother’s daughter and loves dogs. When she isn’t working or chasing a dog or a toddler, Abby is usually singing, painting, enjoying a book, or planning an epic board game night.

Favorite quote:
“Before you go out searching, don’t decide what you will find. Be more kind, my friends. Try to be more kind.” – Frank Turner

Abby Showalter sitting at desk

H. Allen Baldree, MBA

Vice-President and Treasurer

Allen is a founding Board Member of For The Love Of Alex Inc., joining at Elizabeth’s request when she first founded the organization. He gladly continues in this role because of his abiding commitment to our cause.

Allen was a College Administrator for many years, leaving to join his family-owned business when they needed his expertise.

He owned his own business until negotiating the sale of it to a large national corporation, which he then joined as a Senior Executive.  He has recently retired from Corporate America.

For ten years he has served on the Board of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia.  For 8 of those years, he has been Chairman of the Finance Committee.

He is Chairman of the Indian River Community College Foundation Board. Allen and his wife, with their Yorkshire Terrier, divide their time between Vero Beach, Florida, and Brevard, North Carolina.  They are devoted to family and friends, have two grown children and a much beloved young granddaughter.

H. Allen Baldree

Erica Kennedy

Corporate Secretary

Erica joined the Board of For The Love Of Alex Inc. in September of 2018, previously working as a volunteer with us.  She still volunteers to do whatever we need help with and has a deep commitment to the organization.

Erica has a background in Banking and Finance and her current Corporate Career is in Financial Management and Analysis.  In addition to her work in financial reporting and analysis at the corporate level, she also spends a significant amount of her time working with customers who are primarily small business owners.  In this role, she guides them on sound financial practices.

Erica has been a volunteer with organizations as diverse as providing bicycles to children and adults in need, victims of domestic abuse and animal causes.

She and her husband are mountain biking enthusiasts and she enjoys pursuing other athletic adventures, as well as spending time with family and her circle of close friends.

She lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, her two young sons, a Siberian Husky, and a Chihuahua.   

Erica Kennedy

Austin B. Meadows

Operations Manager

Austin joined FTLOA at the start of 2019 to manage the day-to-day behind the scenes of the organization—from compliance of state registration to the technology of all the data, websites, and communications systems.

Austin started helping people at a very young age, earning the Eagle Scout Award as a Boy Scout. This heartfelt desire to help others led Austin to a ten-year career in US Army Military Intelligence and to another career in law enforcement. After owning a service business, he developed an itch for multimedia and online marketing. He became a freelance online marketer and later worked for a gold-rated marketing agency. Austin also brings years of experience from working in a large-business sales environment at Apple, Inc.

Austin and his wife currently have a Shiloh Shepherd but have had other dogs, cats, and horses in the past. Each day, you’ll find Austin in the gym in the morning and interacting with his grandchildren as often as possible. He is the Committee Chairman of a local Boy Scout troop.

Two of his core beliefs:
The future can be better than the present.
I have the power to make it so.

Austin Meadows
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