The Link Between Owning A Pet And Mental Health

August 26, 2021
The Link Between Owning A Pet And Mental Health

For The Love Of Alex helps pets in need of emergency medical care that their loving families can not afford. We help pets but we also help people.

We believe that pets play an important role in their owner’s overall mental health. Often, the elderly or disabled live alone and their pet is their only source of companionship. The last year and half has been very difficult for many families, with lockdown and changes in routine, it has left many people struggling with physical, emotional and mental health.

Research has shown that owning a pet can lower blood pressure, lower stress and anxiety, increase self-esteem and have a positive impact in the lives of those who battle mental illness. Pets also encourage us to build healthy habits like physical exercise. But, above all pets give us unconditional love.

95% of pet owners think of their animal as a member of the family, and would do anything to save their pets if they got sick. We help those families keep their fur babies safe and at home where they belong.

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